Mind Mapping Your Fitness Plan

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I use mind maps for various projects, i.e. presentations, book ideas, creating events, etc. It’s a way of getting all of the information, questions, and issues all in one place so that you can see “the big picture”.

To map out your fitness plan, start with your idea, your goal, in the center. (You can double click on photo to enlarge)

Now, what are the major considerations surrounding your goal? Map those one level out.Screen Shot 2013-07-20 at 3.26.17 PM

For each of those items, what are the details of those items? Issues? Map those out at the next level. How can you break this down further?

Let’s look at the “What Obstacles Can Get In My Way?” branch. I’ve listed 3 reasons: “Lack of Motivation”, “Lack of Time”, and “Something Came Up”. Tease out each of these.

i.e. Lack of Motivation, how might I handle that issue? Maybe I could – “Post “Why” Where Visible Daily” and that may be (next branch) , which may branch out into “On Refrigerator”, “On Bathroom Mirror”, “On Computer Monitor”, and/or “On My Remote Control”.

Everything you can think of as motivators, obstacles, issues, details, etc. should be added in as they come to mind. This is not a static list. It should evolve as things come up.

Mind mapping is pre-thinking, which is preparing for the possibilities. When you are prepared, you are able to make better choices. Give this a try. Play with it and see if it can be of help to you on your journey.

FYI: my mind mapping tool is MindMeister although you could do it all on a napkin if that worked for you.


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