“How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat”

06/26/2013 at 9:08 AM 1 comment

This post was inspired by yet another advertisement selling the secret of getting rid of belly fat. Let’s get to the bottom of the secret. You can’t do it. That’s it, All these quick fixes are promising something they can’t deliver. Here’s why. You can’t reduce fat in any one area. There is no spot reducing.

Belly Fat

We each carry fat in a particular way. That is our fat distribution. Typically guys carry more fat cells around the middle (android) and women carry more around the hips and thighs (gynoid).

The myth that we can burn fat in any one area has led men to want to do ab work and women to inner thigh and outer hip machines. But, again, it doesn’t work that way.

Think of your body fat as being a big inflatable suit with just one spigot. When you do sit ups, you burn calories and open the spigot. The air escapes and the whole suit gets a little smaller, not just around your middle. You do the adductor machine… same deal, a little more air.

In order to get lean in our “trouble” areas, we need to reduce our overall body fat to a point where the whole body is lean. This is accomplished by, are you ready for the secret? Proper diet, exercise, and overall activity. I know… that wasn’t the answer you wanted to hear. but there you have it.

Focus on changing your behaviors and the results will come. Let me know if I can be of any help.

Good luck, Mark. mark@marknutting.com


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  • 1. Tony  |  07/07/2013 at 7:15 PM

    I agree, Mark. I wrote a similar post on belly fat. There is no such thing as spot reducing.


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