Resolutions Already Failing? Micromanage Them!

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It is January 20th and already people are starting to give up on their fitness/weight loss resolutions. Why is that? Why do so many people start every year with great intentions and yet find their goals too difficult to attain? Often times, goals are set without an action plan. And, beyond having a plan, you may need to break that down into micro steps that you can manage more easily.


Here is how to start to micromanage one of your resolutions:

Resolution #1 “GET TO THE GYM”

That starts as a statement without a plan. So, let’s make a plan for it. First, ask yourself what this means. Get to the gym to do what and how often? What if you don’t know what to do? Then find out. Get a personal trainer to create a personalized program for you and help you set a schedule. Is that it? This still may not be enough to get you going. Let’s go micro…

Look online and find a convenient club to go to.

Call the club and set an appointment to see the facility during a time of day when you are likely to be able to go once you’ve started.

Go to the appointment, see the club. If you like it and they have a trainer to help you get started, sign up NOW! Going home to think about it can put off your start for weeks, if not for another year.

Set an appointment with a trainer to help you get started.

Put that appointment in your calendar.

Ask yourself what you will need for that 1st appointment (i.e. workout clothes, sneakers, towel, etc.)

Pack your gym clothes, etc. the night before the appointment (you may even want to put it in your car the night before).

Plan your breakfast for appointment day and then set it out/gather it together before you go to bed.

On the day, go to the appointment and get a plan to attain your goals.

So, hopefully, you can see how to take a resolution statement like “GET TO THE GYM” and break that down to micromanage it. This not only helps you think through all the steps necessary, but also will allow you to see the successes you are having as you check off each micro step you take toward making your goals happen.


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