We Are All Weird. Why Try to Fit the Average Mold?

01/08/2012 at 10:16 AM Leave a comment

Currently I’m reading We Are All Weirdby Seth Godin and, while it’s essentially a marketing book, it made me think of all products people buy that are not really what they want or need. The fact is we ARE all weird whether we want admit it or not. And that simply means that nobody is exactly like anyone else. We all have individual lives with unique problems and circumstances.

Relating this to health and fitness, we all have our own particular goals and personal issues in reaching those goals. Health and fitness products for the masses include fad diets, supplements, exercise videos, etc. They don’t deal with the obstacles that confront you as an individual on a daily basis. The results are never as good as they could be because the product was made for the hypothetical average person, not you.

 So , why is it that we tend to buy the products that target the masses? Convenience is certainly one reason, as is price. It’s easy to knock off a product when there’s no personalization needed. Many people also like to believe they are like everyone else. They want to be normal. But let’s face it. There’s no cookie cutter for people and wouldn’t life be boring if there was?

Where does that leave us when we seek to reach our own individual goals with our own individual set of obstacles? Seek out personalization and, yes, pay a little more to get it right. That goes for hiring a personal trainer, registered dietitian (RD), life coach, business coach, etc.

Wouldn’t it be worth it to finally get what is right for you in all your weirdness?

Best wishes in the new year, Mark


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