Renegade, Spartan, Warrior Runs: Fitness is Getting Muddy

10/16/2011 at 11:05 AM Leave a comment

A newer type of fitness event is on the rise. Spicing up the typical road race by taking it off-road, adding obstacles and mud, “mud runs” are fast becoming the new challenge.

What’s the attraction? People are looking for a different kind of physical and mental challenge. Triathlons have increased in popularity in the past few years as individuals realize there’s more to life than the road. “Mud runs” go beyond the swim, bike, and run of triathlons and offer all-terrain runs with some outlandish obstacles and, dare I say, an atmosphere of FUN. In these events, participants need to have more than just cardiovascular endurance. They need strength, power, and agility to be able to crawl, climb, jump, and traverse through the various obstacles. It reminds me of some events I participated in while in college (Mud Bowl football, and the fraternity Greek Games). They were a blast.  Renegade Playground Challenge calls it, “Recess. Unsupervised”

Now while the shorter distances allow anyone an opportunity to participate, there are events for only the toughest (and probably craziest) individuals. The Spartan Death Race (at describes itself as “… designed to present you with the totally unexpected, and the totally insane! This endurance race is comprised of mud runs, obstacle racing, trail racing, physical challenges and mental challenges all in a +48 hour adventure race. 90% of you will not complete this endurance race. Please only consider this adventure style race if you have lived a full life to date.”

LOL, OK, that might be a little extreme. I know the 5k is much more my style than something that could be a Survivor episode.

So, choose your own level and have fun while getting fit. Look into events in your area, get a group of friends together, sign up, and train for (in the words of Monty Python) something completely different.

Good luck, Mark

PS: If you’ve already tried one, tell us which one and what your experience was in the comments below.

Here are some event organizations:


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